Android Application Development with Java

Android Application Development

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Course Overview

Are you interested in learning how to make Android apps? Learn Android Application development with our course Introduction to Android Application Development.

This course provides you an efficient way to learn basics of Android App development and Android development tools. This android development course gives you an in-depth understanding and advanced knowledge of Android development. This Android development training course will teach you the basics of the Android platform and the application lifecycle.

You will be able to write simple GUI applications, use built-in widgets and components, work with the database to store data locally, and much more by the end of this Android training course.

What are the requirements?

  • Base knowledge of C or C++ or Java.
  • Base knowledge of Functions and Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer with at least 4GB of RAM.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Become and Android Developer
  • Publish your own Android Apps to Playstore
  • Boost your career with Knowledge in Android Application Development

Who this course is for?

  • If you want to learn how to make an Android app
  • If you are an entrepreneur looking to make your own Android Application
  • If you are trying to start your career in software industry or mobile application development

About the Author

I am a backend C++ developer with 1 year of experience working with structural engineering feild. I have 2 year experience in Android Development using Java, Firebase, and Google Map to build Realtime applications, and also has 2 year hands on experience in Python Development.

Course Curriculum

How to install android studio


Basics of Java Programming

Hello World Application

  • Android History
  • Android Architecture
  • Android Activity And Application LifeCycle
  • Android Hello World Application
  • Android Application Structure
  • GenyMotion
  • Connecting to Physical Device

User Interface(UI) Design

  • UI Components
  • UI Components Design And Styling
  • Margin And Padding
  • Relative Layout
  • Linear Layout
  • Layout Weight
  • Grid Layout

Mini Project - 1 Login Application

  • Simple Login Screen Part1
  • Simple Login Screen Part2

UI Powered by Java

  • UI Components Interactions
  • Intent And Activity Interaction
  • Splash Screen
  • Web View

Mini Project - 2 Calculator Application

  • Calculator Application Part-1
  • Calculator Application Part-2


  • Toast And Snack Bar
  • Alert Dialog
  • System Notification

SQL and Android

  • SQLite Part - 1
  • SQLite Part - 2
  • Shared Preferences

Main Project - ToDo Application

  • UI Design
  • Database Design
  • Card View Design
  • Adding ToDo List
  • Showing ToDo List
  • Creating App Logo

Share Your Project to GitHub

  • GitHub

Release Your application

  • Create A Signed Apk
  • Privacy Policy
  • Play Store Upload




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