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Trycle is an effective career mapping platform with skill empowering courses & placement assistance

Learn in Malayalam

Trycle, provides courses with the convenience of your language. Making it possible for our users to learn and understand concepts easily and in the comfort of their mother tongue.

Variety of courses

Trycle, ensures the courses we host on the platform are relevant with high demand in their respective sectors. From Machine learning to Digital Marketing or even Android application, we understand the current scope for these skills. By which, Trycle is looking to ensure our users get quality content which one shall require at their workforce. Each course completion is followed with a certification and users get the benefit of keeping the course for future archival.

Expert teaching

We, at Trycle make sure all the courses are delivered by competent experts. Experts with plentiful experience in their respective industry. The efforts and time spent by our experts have been to make sure our users get maximal quality understanding of the concepts. Each expert will also spend dedicated time to ensure all user doubts are clarified subsequently.

Placement guidance

Trycle understands the various hardships in finding a job in today's market conditions. Hence, we have introduced the job placement guidance policy. From this our users will benefit from building effective resumes, attending and succeeding in interviews, one to one career guidance and many more opportunities, which will enable them to have a fair chance at cracking that first job interview.

We are HERE, to assist YOU

Grow a strong sense of identity
Build confidence in your ability
Construct a world you yearn to build

Our contents are designed with real ideas and insights. We maintain a high standard, accurate reporting, and research along with clear and clean quality content. We strongly believe that information should educate, entertain and engage individuals for better learning experiences. Hence we have made all efforts to keep our content more accessible for everyone.

“By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man-body, mind and spirit. Literacy is not the end of education or even the beginning.” –M. K. Gandhi [Harijan: July 31, 1937]

Trycle, along with our expert partners, are excitedly and continuously working towards empowering you. Being the very best, most accessible and learn from anywhere e-learning platform, our courses are customized to fit the comfort of your regional language. We bring you the best quality content delivered by experts from their respective industry. Additionally, Trycle understands the need and gives placement guidance to job aspirants. Here, Individuals will be provided with the most quality services across workforce skills ranging from resume building, one on one mock interviews, self assessments and accurate business acumen. We live in a fast-paced world that is constantly evolving. Hence, in order to assist you in understanding, interpreting and responding effectively to career progression is where Trycle steps in.

Envisioned from an innovative concept, we strongly believe the purpose of learning is all-inclusive of the unabridged trinity of body, mind, and spirit. Hence, at Trycle, we stand by your empowerment through all-round development. The three circles of empowerment of a human, An inspiration that led to our name: TRYCLE.


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