Stp by step Procedure for your first Job

All the candidates has to be enrolled to Trycle placement program in order to apply through Trycle Jobs.
The steps of placement procedure is as follows

Phase 1: Personalised Consultation

You can interact with our career experts.They will give a clear idea to landing your dream job.This session includes 

-Resume Consultation 

-LinkedIn Consultation 

Phase 2: Learning 

Our Learning pack  has been designed by our expert mentors to help students crack the placements . You get access to premium lectures and that will help you to understand the concepts from fundamentals. This pack includes 

1.Aptitude and Reasoning 

2.Programming Language 

     -Introduction to Programming using C

     -Advanced C Programming 


3.Important Concepts 

    -HTML/CSS /Javascript 


    -OOPs Concepts 

Phase 3: Practice 

Practice is undoubtedly the key to success. We will provide  subject-wise and company-wise materials for practice .Which includes 

1.100 Codes for Placements 

2.Company based preparation materials 

3.Previous Year's solved papers 

Phase 4: Mock Interviews 

Interview Experiences give you a fair idea about what you might go through in your interviews. You will get  mock interviews from industry experts and that would help yo to boost your confidence level .

Phase 5: Assessment 

Once in a month you can attend the assessment conducted by Trycle.This assessment is an evaluation tool.You will get a report based on your performance that will help you to know your strength and weakness. Once you clear the assessment you are eligible to attend the placement drives conducted by Trycle 

Phase 6: Placement

Once you clear the assessment you are eligible to participate the placement drives conducted by Trycle



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