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Looking for online courses in Kerala taught in Malayalam? You've reached the right place.

We provide top-notch eLearning materials in Malayalam.

Engaging Online Courses

We understand your requirements. Learning won't be easy if the course videos aren't engaging. We've designed these courses in such a way that ages 17 and above can enjoy learning our online courses in Kerala.

eLearning in Malayalam, Redefined

Trycle aims to refine the idea of eLearning in Malayalam. We're on a mission to create top-quality online courses in Malayalam for the masses. Our platform will feature unique courses that you can't find elsewhere online in Kerala.

Learn Photography, Doodling, and more

Our platform curates stunning art courses in Kerala that you can't find anywhere else. Trycle currently features a "Doodling for Beginners" course. We'll be adding an online photography course in Malayalam shortly.

IT Courses in Malayalam

We understand the limitations of international MOOCs when it comes to the Malayalam language. That's why we've designed IT courses in Malayalam. We plan to cover vast areas of information technology in the near future.

OUR Mission

Grow a strong sense of one's identity
Build confidence in one's ability
Construct a world you yearn to build

The content on Trycle is designed with real ideas and insights. We firmly maintain a high standard when it comes to designing courses. We stick to accurate reporting and research while preparing each course. We strongly believe that information should educate, entertain and engage individuals for better learning experiences. Hence we have made all efforts to keep our content more accessible for everyone.

“By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man-body, mind and spirit. Literacy is not the end of education or even the beginning.” –M. K. Gandhi [Harijan: July 31, 1937]

Trycle, along with our expert partners, are excitedly and continuously working towards empowering you. Along with the very best, most accessible and learn from anywhere e-learning platform, moreover customized to fit the comfort of your regional language. We live in a fast-paced world, that is constantly evolving. In order to assist you in understanding, interpreting and respond effectively to progression is where Trycle steps in. We bring you the best quality content, easy to access and fun to learn. Trycle is a learning platform with a mission to deliver quality content through a variety of media. Ranging from original videos and features to live experiences and social storytelling, we offer you the best there is in the field of alternative learning.

Envisioned from an innovative concept, we strongly believe the purpose of learning is all-inclusive of the unabridged trinity of body, mind, and spirit. Hence, at Trycle, we stand by your empowerment through knowledge with the involvement of the Art, Academics and Skills. The three circles of empowerment of a human, An inspiration that led to our name: TRYCLE.


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