Mathematics Shortcuts for Competitive Exams

Quick Solving Techniques for Quantitative Aptitude

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Course Overview

Competitive exams are considered an integral part for the entry into elite institutions. The most important benefit of clearing a competitive exam is to help a person to enter into their dream college or institution or to pursue their dream jobs and secure a career.  This course is primarily aimed to assist individuals to get some vital information and easy methods of application to these competitive examinations. Some of the major institutions of government conduct these examinations. Dedicated efforts along with certain skills are utmost required and will certainly help an aspirant to clearly understand: What are the key shortcuts utilised in mathematics that every competitive exam aspirant and job seeker can be aware of How to seek easy solutions to complicated numerical ability in competitive and placement examinations Methods to improve the problem-solving skills of candidates This course has been created with the intention and best efforts to include:  The latest and best time-saving methods for mathematics in the following topics :  1. Multiplication  2. Subtraction  3. Square root  4. Cube root  5. Squaring  6. Cubing  7. Divisibility

1. What are the requirements?

  • Basic knowledge in Mathematics

2. What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn the latest and best time saving methods for mathematics.
  • Improve the problem solving skills of candidates
  • Learn how to solve complicated numerical problems in competitive examinations

3. Who this course is for?

  • Competitive exam Aspirants
  • Placement oriented job seeking individuals

About the Author

  • Having graduated from MG university in 2016, Balajith S holds a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communications. Being proficient in Quantitative aptitude and Reasoning ability he has 3+ years of extensive and well-planned teaching experience for Competitive exams primarily an expert in Mathematics and Numerical ability. 

Course Curriculum


  • Mental Subtraction
  • Subtraction from base quantities


  • Digit Sum Concept
  • Multiplication using Digit Sum


  • Square root of 4 digit numbers - 1
  • Square root of 4 digit numbers - 2
  • Square root of 5 digit numbers - 1
  • Square root of 5 digit numbers -2
  • Square root of 6 digit numbers - 1
  • Square root of 6 digit numbers - 2


  • Cube root of 4 digit numbers
  • cube root of 5 digit numbers
  • Cube root of 6 digit numbers


  • Squaring of 2 digit numbers
  • Squaring of 3 digit numbers


  • cubing of 2 digit numbers -1
  • cubing of 2 digit numbers -2


  • Divisibility - 1
  • Divisibility - 2


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