Introduction to HTML, CSS and JS


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Course Overview

HyperText Markup Language, commoly abbreviated as HTML, is the standard markup language used to create web pages. Along with CSS , and Javascript, HTML is a cornerstone technology used to create web page as well as to create user iterface for mobile and web applications. This course deals with kickstarting your journey as a web developer. This course focuses on teaching  core basics of HTML, CSS & Javascript

1. What are the requirements?

  • Just need a PC with a browser and notepad or editor installed

2. What am I going to get from this course?

  • To provide stepping stones for anyone who wants to explore the world of web development

3. Who this course is for?

  • For every enthusiastic person who wants to explore different dimensions of web development

About the Author

  • Shain is a Full Stack Web Developer who has been developing web based applications for the past 8 years with PHP being his strong point. He has experience in developing a variety of applications in the fields like Healthcare, Crowd Funding, e-Commerce, CRMs, HR Solutions, Billing Softwares, Rewards Management Platform and many more. He likes to share his knowledge and mentor people.

Course Curriculum





  • Introduction to cSS
  • CSS selectors
  • Selector properties
  • Font properties
  • How to learn more about CSS


  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Developer console
  • Functions
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Comparison and Logical operators
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops
  • Date
  • DOM events


    • Super.....! This course just blew my mind!
      1 year ago
    • Excellent course!! Nyz mic quality, concept is delivered in very friendly way
      1 year ago
    • If someone is looking to have some knowledge about web development, this could be the best course to guide you for making a strong foundation in basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript. very helpful course!!
      1 year ago
    • Awesome!! Through the help of this course I learned web development and web designing concepts in very short time.
      1 year ago
    • Nice course. Helped me a lot to clear many doubt during my first web page creation.
      1 year ago
    • An extremely excellent course...perfect for beginners
      1 year ago
    • Learned so many amazing things ! Really a beginner friendly course
      1 year ago


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