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Tips to Choose the Best e-Learning Platform in Kerala

  • admin trycle
  • Jul 30, 2020
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Searching for a free or budget-friendly online learning platform in Kerala? You’ve reached the place! The lockdown has forced many of us to stay indoor for an excessive amount of time. Even if you are a working professional who needs to login from home, you may find yourself with a lot of spare time after work. You can use this time to learn a new skill that will help you get that promotion you have been aiming for.


Even after you have decided on a specific topic to increase your knowledge, the decision to finalize an online platform is huge.  There are a plethora of e-learning platforms out there with a variety of course options. How do you narrow the choices down to get the best fit for your specific requirements?


Read on to know a few things to keep in mind while choosing an e-learning course in Kerala.


Self-paced learning: Some e-learning platforms in Kerala follow the self-paced approach where the course can be completed at the learner’s convenience. There may be assignments at the end of each section, which would need to be completed and submitted before moving on to the next task. This method will allow students to set their time table and work around it to finish the course. If you are a working professional or have other commitments, this method may be ideal for you. 



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Live courses: Those courses that occur at a pre-defined point in time, where the learner would be online at the same time as the instructor and other students, and the whole process would emulate a classroom experience. In this method, you can gain knowledge rather quickly by asking questions and clarifying doubts in real-time. While both approaches have their fair share of pros and cons, it would be wise to choose an e-learning platform that allows you to gain maximum benefit, keeping your personal schedule in mind. 

Ease of use: You need to browse through the course platforms and ensure that it is intuitive and easy to use, navigate, do all other tasks associated with having a great learning experience. This would ensure that you do not spend a lot of time or effort learning about the interface before starting your course. Shorter segments which focus on clearly covering a certain topic is more ideal. 


Platform features: When trying to learn a new topic, it is always necessary to have the right collaboration tools available to make the experience more comfortable. When choosing an e-learning course in Kerala, you must ensure that the platform has tools and capabilities that will allow you to share your files in standard formats with the instructor. Some platforms even offer badges and appreciation points to motivate the student constantly. 

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E-learning is the future of upscaling and online learning, and you need to ensure that your e-learning course or platform can offer the right features that would make your learning experience more streamlined and useful. 


That being said, Trycle is a user-centered eLearning platform in Malayalam. It’s a growing e-learning website with handpicked free and paid online courses for young minds in Kerala. Sign-up today and kickstart your online learning journey during the lockdown.

Tutors' credentials: When finalizing an e-learning platform, the instructor's qualifications and reviews must be taken into consideration. If the tutor is someone who has many years of experience, both in a professional setup and in tutoring, they will be able to provide you with guidance on your course material and its practical applications in the inside world. Research about your instructor thoroughly before you sign up for an e-learning course in Kerala.

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